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My name is Danny and I love football, and winning. There is this thrill when you bet on a match and you are just waiting for your winnings.

When you bet reasonably of course.

I have decided to create this site to share my predictions with you for free to increase your chances of making a little money from soccer.

Always remember that gambling cannot replace a full-time job and should be done as a hobby, please gamble wisely.

Here at The Soccer Tipster, I will provide you with free soccer betting tips and predictions based on a number of things.


The aim is to take the guesswork out of betting and become your source for free soccer predictions anytime. I try to keep the soccer predictions safe to ensure constant or nearly constant wins.

Before giving a prediction, I go through the records of both teams. Their current form, head to head records, players out due to injuries or other reasons and we compile all the results and pick the most likely outcomes.

Some posts may contain links that will take you straight to a betting site we recommend or part of the site or page necessary. Those links will be in orange and look like this to make them easy to identify.

This site also contains advertisements that can also lead you to betting sites or other soccer related sites and are completely safe.

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